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Our Privatisation, Procurement and Public Sector Assets Practice is one of the Firm's attributes. Our experts’ unique competence in this field is built upon their years of work experience in authorities responsible for management of state, regional and municipal property.

Our expertise is unprecedented in the Russian legal market. We possess unique experience in preventing bankruptcy of strategic companies and assisting in “new wave” privatisation projects. We offer unique expertise in industries such as commercial aviation, railway transportation, science and education, postal services and telecommunications.

We provide GR support and legal counsel for “strategic” organisations, unitary enterprises, natural monopolies and joint-stock companies with state participation. 

In addition to representing the government, We advise and defend the legal interests of entities in the private sector in matters related to property privatisation, public procurement and investment agreements. The Firm’s attorneys have acquired extensive expertise in settling conflicts with regulatory authorities related to asset management, including those related to investment projects into residential and commercial real estate construction on state-owned land plots. The Firm’s track record includes a number of settled disputes between investors and regulatory authorities.

We advise on drafting procurement regulations, help our clients develop procurement policies and represent them before antimonopoly authorities contesting public tender results.

In collaboration with the Firm’s experts in real estate, corporate, tax and labour law, as well as in dispute resolution, we provide one-stop legal support to our clients in realising their strategic objectives.


Our services include:

  • advising on all legal aspects of public property privatisation including preparing a company for the privatisation, organising and supporting the privatisation process, and assisting private sector entities in privatisation deals;
  • structuring and supporting transactions with government-owned assets, stakeholdings and joint projects with state corporations;
  • advising on transfers of ownership or lease rights to public land plots, including those of limited transferability;
  • advising on various issues related to the disposal of public property and other methods of offering public property for commercial purposes, including implementation of investment projects involving public legal entities, market value appraisals, and performing legal due diligence on previously privatised and other properties;
  • assisting in developing, negotiating, concluding and performing investment agreements with the government, settling disputes with federal, regional and municipal authorities;
  • advising unitary enterprises and institutions on property management, utilisation of budgetary funds and other issues;
  • advising state corporations and companies with state participation on exercising shareholder rights, improving corporate governance practices, corporate restructuring, winding up subsidiaries and other issues;
  • representing companies with state participation, unitary enterprises and governmental institutions in audits conducted by governmental authorities;
  • advising on public procurement and developing procurement regulations for companies with state participation;
  • representing clients before government authorities and in courts, including defence in contested public tender results.

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